✔ Star Section

GAL holds major expertise in manufacturing mechanical components for defence such as very complex Star Section castings in aluminium. As post casting operation, GAL's machining expertise using inhouse range of well equipped CNC machining center and turning center gives GAL a distinct competitive advantage.

Products of aluminium and steel are used in varying applications such as rugged displays, communication equipments, electronic warfare, aviation, Naval systems, Bases of Radar. GAL has the capability to manufacture aluminium casting, mechanical components, investment casting and precision investment casting,such as bases of telecommunication, bases of Radar etc.

The components are casted into almost any shape with ensuring broad alloy selection, greater design flexibility, weight reduction, closer tolerance and better part surface conditions. The High Precision Components are used in specialized cameras that are applicable while various biomedical and astronomical applications including watching planets beyond Pluto. Designed through to finished assembly, with a process which is competent of making virtually any geometrical shape, these castings hold up current engineering with in-house solid works, software optimizing designs to capitalize on process capability.